The Hague Stock Exchange | Bankers seeking their independence

World War II ultimately forced the Haagse Effectenbeurs to close in 1942. After the war it took a while before the business started up again.  By the sixties, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange had grown to such an extent that the Hague and Rotterdam Stock Exchanges  were left in its shadow. In 1970 the Stock Exchange building at Nobelstraat was sold to the Municipality of The Hague. The Hague Stock Exchange moved to Alexander Gogelweg 16, where it was able to rent a space from the Chamber of Commerce for the symbolic sum of ƒ1,=.
In 1972, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange Association changed its rules. Non-Amsterdam traders could now  become members and gain access to the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Reconciliation with the guys in Amsterdam at last! As a result, stock trading in The Netherlands became ever more concentrated in Amsterdam. In 1974 the stock exchanges of Rotterdam and The Hague were dissolved.

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