The Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)

The Ivory Coast’s electronic communications system is very strong. This is manifested through the early introduction of a telecommunications industry; the practical application of that industry; and the dominance of regional and local radio stations, telegraphs, and national television channels. All of this was eventually followed by the establishment of a sound international connections infrastructure. In the advent of technological penetration, equipment was installed in locations where raw materials were readily available. To date, most of the supplies have come from Western countries, especially France. Just after the colonial period, the telecommunications facilities of the Ivory Coast spread out, and became diversified and modernized. However, its management has always been under state monopoly and state administration rules. Policy modifications are suggested in this chapter in order to enhance the quality of domestic access, minimize invoicing errors, eradicate fraud and nonpayment of bills, and encourage effective transmission of information.

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