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  • It’s the Crew of The Motley Fool: The 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Personal Finances

    Investing can be an imposing task for many people. Leaders from The Motley Fool executive team take audiences through an educational and amusing Top 10 list of what to know about investing. The presentation includes investment possibilities from bad (credit card debt and managed mutual funds) to good (individual stocks). Along the way, they lay out a full context for listeners to understand the financial world, and prepare them to make good investment choices with a clear view and with confidence. Tailored to appeal to students, young adults or boomers approaching retirement, this engaging speech is full of practical advice for soon-to-be “real-worlders.”

    The presentation includes:

    • An overview of the financial world
    • Why the $5/day latte might wreck your financial future
    • How to make good financial decisions today that will last a lifetime
  • Managing Your Money in Uncertain Times: A Survival Manual

    The Motley Fool Team offers a snapshot view of the economy while looking to the future to provide timeless guidance for investors. They deliver an indispensable survival manual for our unpredictable economic times. With their trademark irreverence David and Tom Gardner, best-selling authors and co-founders of the financial powerhouse The Motley Fool, share:

    • Their take on the current economy and how we got here
    • What smart investors should do now to secure their personal finances and fortify their portfolios
    • How to avoid investment pitfalls and maximize investing opportunities
  • No One’s Got Your Back: Why You Must Rule Your Money and Retirement

    No one is going to manage your retirement and money for you. If you think your retirement is too far off to worry about, you better get real. The day to start thinking about your money and retirement is today. But you’re intimidated and overwhelmed – where do you start? The Motley Fool is ready to walk you through investing basics whether you have $250,000 or $250 to invest. In this highly entertaining and informative presentation, the dynamic Gardner duo shares:

    • Investing basics, including why you should invest and how
    • Why it’s never too late or too early to build your nest egg
    • Retirement options and common pitfalls
  • What’s Hot and What’s Not: How The Motley Fool Spots the Next Best and Brightest called David and Tom Gardner two of the most widely followed stock advisors in the world for a reason. Their track records speak for themselves – they spotted AOL, Amazon, and Starbucks long before they were household names. The Gardner expertise has been enhanced over the years with the strategic addition of leading financial experts. This powerhouse team conducts exhaustive analysis on every aspect of the investment industry, including the latest breakthroughs in the biotech industries.

    David, Tom or a member of The Motley Fool executive team share with audiences:

    • An overview of their stock research methodology and what they look for when evaluating a company’s investment potential
    • Why you must own international stocks
    • The best bargains, next superstars and stocks to avoid
    • How you can follow the markets more closely, have fun and increase your wealth
  • The Keys to the Financial Kingdom: How Technology Has Democratized Investing

    In the not so distant past financial investing was inaccessible to all but society’s most elite. But the stock market is fundamentally different than it was a decade or so ago – the Web democratized the buying and selling of stocks in an unprecedented way. Now investors have access to an extraordinary amount of free research, analysis, and online investing tools. The Motley Fool has served as a guiding force in the tidal wave of investment changes and has built the “World’s Greatest Investment Community.”

    The Gardner brothers, co-founders of The Motley Fool, discuss:

    • How technology transformed the investment world
    • What exciting changes and innovations are around the corner
    • How investors, from the most savvy to the novice, can grow their investments by making the most of online resources

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