The World’s Best Acro-Pilots Are Coming to Ölüdeniz

World Acro Cup – Ölüdeniz (WAC) will be held in the sky, in Babadağ and Ölüdeniz, between 28 September – 2 October 2022!

With the contributions of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Muğla Governorship, South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA) and Fethiye District Governorship; With the approval of the Turkish Air Sports Federation (THSF) and the International Air Sports Federation (FAI) and the organization of Babadağ Cable Car, excitement, adventure and fun peaks in Babadağ. If you are one of those who always look up, join this inspiring event and experience unforgettable moments, endless fun and extreme experiences.

WAC – Oludeniz; It is an aviation event open to everyone, consisting of two parts, the World Aerobatic Cup and the Turkish Aerobatic Cup. The use of all runways in Babadağ is free of charge for all solo pilots and non-commercial flights at FAI P28, APPI 2, USHPA LEVEL 2022 and higher levels between September 3 and October 3, 2.


DJ Performances at Oludeniz Beach

Award-Winning World Aerobatic Cup (SOLO and SYNCRO) with the Participation of Top 10 Acro-pilots in the World (FAI – CAT2)

Award-Winning Turkish Aerobatic Cup Organized by Turkish Air Sports Federation (With the Evaluations of FAI Referees)

BASE Jump Shows (With the Participation of International Athletes)

Wingsuit (Batman) Shows (Paragliding Jump and First Time Babadağ Peak Jump)

Speed ​​Fly Shows

XRW Shows (Coordinated Flight by Speed ​​Fly Pilots and Wingsuit Pilots)

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