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TPV Technology (Bermuda), formerly known as Admiral Overseas Corporation, was founded in Taiwan in 1967. In 1989, a critical decision by our CEO Dr Jason Hsuan led to the establishment of TPV’s first factory in mainland China, on previously vacant land in Fuqing, Fujian.Today, with 13 manufacturing bases worldwide and an annual shipment of approximately 60 million units, TPV has grown from a small display factory to the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD monitors with a steady market share of over 30% and a leading provider of LCD TVs and display solutions. In 2021, TPV achieved a revenue of RMB 70.61 billion and a net profit of RMB 1.32 billion with a year-on-year growth rate of 29.34%.

TPV adheres to a two-pronged OBM/ODM business model: we distribute display products under our own brands AOC, AGON, Envision and under a long-term exclusive license agreement with Philips for global monitors, TVs, audio-visual products, and mobile phones, as well as design and manufacture products for some of the best-known TV and PC brands in the world. Constantly striving to improve our manufacturing process and explore the potential for a ‘smarter’ manufacturing system, we continue to provide innovative and premium-quality products and services over the years, which has not only won the hearts of customers and businesses around the world, but also landed us various international design prizes such as Red Dot Awards, iF Design Award and the CES Innovation Awards. Looking ahead, TPV is embarking on a journey of digital transformation of manufacturing towards Industry 4.0 and we aim to achieve smart factory transformation by 2025, which we believe will be a drive for the long-term growth of our business.

TPV had been dual-listed on the Hong Kong and Singapore Stock Exchange since 1999 and was privatised in 2019. A year later, in 2020, we began undergoing a material asset restructuring with a listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange – Nanjing Huadong Electronics Information & Technology Co., Ltd. In May 2021, the listed company officially changed its name to “TPV Technology Co., Ltd”, which marked TPV’s stock market debut in mainland China.

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