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I have been with this institution since 2008. I have tried their insurance and heard all good things if you need to file anything, from a broken windsheild to a car accident. It’s just a little more expensive than if you go elsewhere. Used the insurance for about 3 years. I have since 2008 had a checking account. This account has had its’ ups and downs. Right now it is at a down and they have been ignoring me. I am deployed and to call would cost me $0.25 a minute. I messaged them 2 days ago. Nothing since. I tried using their “help” feature on the app and on the website. I can’t get it to transfer me to a human. I will be pulling any money from this account and using a different institution again for a while. This is the second time this has been an issue where I put just a little money in and they lock it out. My account information was taken and this is how they treat it. I will be reviewing it too. I can’t believe any business operates this way. Ignoring many requests and doesn’t have any email to contact them. I guess putting this out for the public is the only way to get any attention from them. They are great when nothing is a problem and I have walked through the great updates USAA has and ideas other institutions could use because USAA has a great app and this app has great features. I just hope they figure out a way for us to email someone. The help feature is a joke and there is no email…

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