Visiting Florence in the winter: eats, sights, markets and more — Curious Appetite

Florence in summer is peak season for a reason, but it’s honestly one of our least suggested time to visit. In fact, if you’re looking to experience Florence life and less of your fellow tourists, winter might actually be a better time to visit… especially if you’re keen to save some euros.

A lot of Tuscans return home for the holidays and are swapped with Italian and European visitors. The city comes alive in the lead up to Christmas and New Year with beautifully illuminated streets, outdoor performances, holiday food tours and chestnuts stands and new wine (vino novello) at various nooks!

So if you’re tempted to visit, but just need a little more convincing before you press book, this is our guide to the best things to see, do and eat in Florence in winter.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the ever-evolving atmosphere COVID-19- we advise you to double check availability and opening days/times for individual venues, events and festivities listed in this guide.

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