Is VVS Finance a good investment?

Is VVS Finance a good investment?

Most people know as an exchange and wallet app competing with the likes of Kraken and Coinbase with a series of high-profile advertise campaigns. These include commercials featuring Matt Damon, a Superbowl halftime position with Lebron James, and naming rights to the early Staples Center. however, the Singapore-based company has been doing much more since it launched Cronos, an EVM-compatible blockchain whose DeFi ecosystem has grown steadily to $ 2.3 billion in TVL since it went live in November . VVS protocol is the largest project on the Cronos chain, taking up 59 % of its entire TVL as of Feb. 15. It ’ randomness already the 7th largest DEX by TVL, presently behind Trader Joe and precisely ahead of Osmosis.

What is VVS Finance ? VVS Finance is a DEX that provides the common DeFi capabilities : swaps, fluidity pools, and bet on. It stands for Very, very simple Finance, making its UVP clear — the platform aims to simplify DeFi. It does this through gamification and an easy-to-use interface. It besides checks many of the boxes Footprint recommends you look at when assessing the health of a crypto project :

  • Substantial initial market cap: VVS Finance’s market cap jumped from $20 million to $170 million in the first couple of months since its launch and has largely reflected the general market trend since then.
  • Reasonable trading volume: VVS Finance’s trading volume has mostly remained between 5% and 20% of its market cap.
  • Price action: The price action of the protocol’s token VVS is about as volatile as you would expect from a new DEX project and a new chain, but with no suspicious pumps.

then why has the first AMM on Cronos and a likely rival to be the adjacent SushiSwap or PancakeSwap attracted so much controversy recently ? VVS Finance ’ randomness Tokenomics Are questionable VVS ’ s total mobilize supply is 2.2 trillion, and its full add is over 36 trillion, which will increase to 100 trillion over ten years through its emissions schedule. For comparison, here are the leading DEX tokens ’ circulating supply figures ( rounded to a million ). SushiSwap : 127 million sushi Uniswap : 632 million UNI Pancakeswap : 268 million patty halter : 7 million BAL As the only major DEX token that is indeed inflationary ( note that CAKE has no difficult crown but has deflationary mechanisms to keep the provide under control ), VVS Finance ’ s tokenomics model is an outlier.

here ’ s some reasonable criticism from one self-proclaimed holder, dsx02, on Reddit : “ I held both VVS and TONIC but sold both upon looking at the Tokenomics, they ’ re actually bad 100 Trillion supply of VVS and 500 trillion of TONIC, to put that in perspective it ’ sulfur 1000x more VVS than there is DOGE and DOGE is already a wildly inflate coin whose price suffers enormously for it… and they plan to emit HALF ( 50 trillion ) in 2022 alone, so yea one [ sic ] truly don ’ t see how it ’ randomness gon na lift in value at all unless you merely don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe in inflation at all. ” But does VVS ’ mho incredibly senior high school token supply matter to its long-run electric potential ? While 100 trillion is enormous, other tokens have significantly higher, or even inexhaustible, supplies, including Ethereum. previously mentioned CAKE has an unlimited sum supply. so, the full supply is not the key metric function of a project ’ south quality, advantages, or disadvantages. What is crucial is how they will be distributed — according to which occupation model. If there is excessively much supply circulating but not enough use ( for example, through bet on or combustion ), it will affect its keepsake price and intrinsic value. If VVS Finance can maintain its crown smudge in the Cronos ecosystem, and Cronos can continue to increase its activeness, the project — being intrinsically tied to the potential of — could be a good investment. What is Footprint Analytics footprint Analytics is an all-in-one psychoanalysis platform to visualize blockchain data and fall upon insights. It cleans and integrates on-chain data so users of any experience horizontal surface can promptly start researching tokens, projects and protocols. With over a thousand splashboard templates plus a drag-and-drop interface, anyone can build their own customized charts in minutes. Uncover blockchain data and invest smart with Footprint. Footprint Website : hypertext transfer protocol : // discord : hypertext transfer protocol : // chirrup : hypertext transfer protocol : //

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