W TAIPEI – Updated 2022 Prices & Hotel Reviews (Xinyi District)

1.與購物中心併用的停車場在周末根本是災難一場!之前有反映應該要在局 末時保留車位給房客,似乎完全沒有聽到,結果房客在週末的尖峰時間必 須在停車場至少花 20分鐘以上找車位,就算進得去世是得等。 2.從去年住到現在,房間還是很香型的電視,似乎世沒要更改的打算,遠 遠落後台北市萬豪系列等級較低的品牌。 3. 透過美國運通的 FHR 專案預定享有的 USD 100 餐飲補助,在現在匯率 1:31 的世界,竟然換成 NTD 2800,雖然後詢問美國運通的說法是和飯店簽約的 金額是 2800,從10月開始會變成 3000,但是還是難以理解這樣的算法,匯 率時刻在變,怎麼會簽個一段時間的固定匯率?此外櫃檯的回答美國運通 說明的不太相同,櫃檯是說當時匯率由財務部決定,所以到底是誰說錯???? 但是不管如何,美國運通美飯店的財務部相關負責人員都是非常不及格 钓。 4. 因為假日人潮眾多,我們很願意配合早餐分流及時段預約,所以後來想 要用外帶的方式,結果現在早餐外帶限制頗多,對願意外帶減低人流的 客人很不友善。 1. The parking issue is a disaster on weekends! This building is a combined structure with a shopping mall, the parking lot as well, for guest who drive here, there is. NO any reserved space for hotel guests, but it seems that they have not heard at all even many visitors have ever feedback this. As a result, hotel guests must

spend at least 20 minutes in the parking lot during peak hours on weekends to find a parking space. , even if you can get into the building, you still have to wait and find a space. 3.The TV is the room is like LG 32 inch with old version, and it seems that there is no plan to change it so far, which is far behind the other lower-level brands of Taiwan Marriott series, such as Fairfield, or A Loft, not mention Courtyard by Marriott, and FYI Sheraton Taipei is a quite old hotel, but they know to eliminate the old items very often. 3. We joined the AMEX FHR plan to make my reservation and this plan offered USD 100 complimentary in F&B, however, the FO staff told us this USD 100 equals NTD2800, even though in the real world now the rate is 1:31. (USD:NTD) and getting big day by day! Although I asked American Express later to see why the rate is such a joke, AMEX replied me the amount they signed with the hotel is 2800 in the last year, from this October It will become 3000, but it is still difficult to understand the calculation. The exchange rate is changing all the time. How can you sign a fixed exchange rate for a period of time? In addition, the answer from the FO is not the same as that of American Express. The Check-in Staff said that the exchange rate was determined by the Finance Department, and they decided it by current rate! so who is wrong in the end???? But no matter what, the people in charge of deciding this rate in the hotel or American Express, they obviously are not professional and disqualified. 4. Due to the large crowds during the holidays, we are very willing to cooperate with breakfast diversion and time slot reservations, so we wanted to use the take-out method. As a result, there are many restrictions on breakfast take-out, which is very unfriendly to guests who are willing to take out to reduce the flow of people..

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