Wallis and Futuna: Authorities to ease entry requirements due to COVID-19 from Aug. 26 /update 27


Authorities in Wallis and Futuna plan to lift a mandate for inbound travelers to take a rapid antigen test (RAT) before departure from Aug. 26, effectively ending entry requirements for fully vaccinated travelers. The government also intends to end a RAT requirement before traveling between Wallis and Futuna islands on the same date. However, the changes depend on COVID-19 activity in the territory, and an extension of existing measures remains possible.

Domestic Measures
The government requires facemasks at all public-facing establishments, professional settings, public transport, and transport hubs, such as WLS and Mata Utu and Leava quays. Social distancing of 1 meter (3 feet) is required in public, though enforcement will likely remain uneven.

The government requires people that test positive for COVID-19 to have a medical consult; officials will determine if the person isolates at home or in a hospital. Fully vaccinated people can self-quarantine for seven days; officials permit early release for people who receive a negative RAT result on day 5. Positive un- or partially vaccinated individuals must self-quarantine for 10 days, with early release possible with a negative RAT result at the end of day 7. Health authorities will conduct regular checks to ensure compliance with the new scheme.

International Travel Restrictions
Wallis and Futuna allows entry for fully vaccinated international travelers via flights from New Caledonia and Fiji without quarantine. Unvaccinated travelers from all locations must continue to provide a compelling reason for travel. Inbound travelers must take a RAT within 72 hours before departure through at least Aug. 25. Fully vaccinated travelers that had COVID-19 between seven days and two months and permitted unvaccinated passengers who had COVID-19 between 10 days and two months ago are exempt from the requirement.


Follow all official instructions. Abide by health and safety measures. Reconfirm all travel arrangements. Liaise with trusted contacts for further updates and guidance. Ensure contingency plans account for further disruptive measures or extensions of current restrictions.


Wallis and Futuna Government

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