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At a Glance

  • A tropical disturbance, Invest 95L, is near the Bahamas.
  • It will likely develop into a tropical depression or storm by Friday.
  • The future track of this system is very uncertain.
  • Interests from the northern Gulf Coast to Florida to the Carolinas should monitor the forecast closely.

This article is no longer being updated. For the latest forecast on Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine, please click here . A tropical disturbance is probable to become a tropical depressive disorder or storm by Friday and could pose a threat to the Bahamas, Florida and other parts of the Southeast Coast or Gulf Coast, including areas devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

The tropical disturbance is presently located over the southeast Bahamas, with clusters of showers and thunderstorms extending from easterly Cuba northbound for a few hundred miles. These convective clusters have become more haunting over the past 24-36 hours. The National Hurricane Center ( NHC ) has tagged this system Invest 95L, a diagnose convention used by meteorologists to identify areas that are being monitored for potential tropical growth. The NHC has scheduled an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter deputation into Invest 95L for former this afternoon. If this system continues to show signs of arrangement, the NHC may designate it as a “ electric potential Tropical Cyclone “. This especial type of advisory allows the NHC to issue watches and/or warnings before a tropical depression or storm actually forms, providing more run time. In this case, we may see tropical storm watches or warnings issued for parts of the Bahamas, including the Dorian-devastated northwesterly Bahamas. Where this system tracks has become even another challenge prognosis, in large part because we silent do not have a low-pressure center for the computer forecast models to latch on to. There are two basic scenarios : 1. If the system forms sooner and stronger, it would favor tracks farther east, over parts of the Bahamas and near Florida ‘s East Coast, steered by high-level south to southeast winds. ad

2. If the system forms late and weaker, it would track more toward the west-northwest, finally into the Gulf of Mexico. A number of numeral bode exemplary tracks have trended farther east and north – basically, the first scenario – suggesting a track near Florida, the Bahamas and the Southeast slide is potential this weekend into early following week. however, a number of other bode model tracks continue to take 95L into the easterly, then northerly Gulf of Mexico this weekend, scenario two above. The buttocks cable is the prognosis is highly uncertain. Interests from the northern Gulf Coast to Florida, the Bahamas, Georgia and the Carolinas should monitor the latest forecast for this system closely. The next tropical storm in the Atlantic washbasin will earn the name “ Humberto. ”

Heavy Rain Threat

Periods of gusty winds and locally heavy rain can be expected the following few days in the Bahamas and Florida. This includes areas ravaged by Hurricane Dorian in the northwestern Bahamas. In general, the heaviest rain should fall along and to the east of the center of this system. As mentioned earlier, the track of this system is highly uncertain at this clock time. Localized brassy flood is possible in areas where bands of rain stall or prevail over an area.

Higher surf and rip currents may build along the northern and eastern Gulf Coast, equally well as the Atlantic beaches of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, into this weekend. An isolate downpour or crack is besides possible in Florida or the Bahamas into this weekend. Check back with us at for the latest on this likely weekend system .

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