What to do in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon

• The colourful wooden houses of Saint-Pierre

In Saint Pierre and Miquelon, the oldest houses date from the second half of the 19th century. Made of wood, they sport with bright colors, a tradition dating from the 50s. These facades attract the eye, representing the pride of the inhabitants of the archipelago.

• The island of Grand Colombier

Located north of Saint-Pierre, the island of Grand Colombier is a natural reserve for migratory birds. There are several species present in large numbers.

• Cap Persé

The view here will remind francophiles a little of Etretat in Normandy—the pleasures of an afternoon at sea, soaking in the beautiful coastal landscapes, including the famous CCGS Cap Percé ship. Not-to-be-missed: a rendez-vous with seals, very curious to meet you!

• The L’Anse à Henry archaeological site on Saint-Pierre

The Anse à Henry trail is very well marked, dotted with benches along the route—at the second stop, stay on the same trail, because the other route goes towards Cap du Diable (Devil’s Cape)!

• L’Arche Museum & Archives in Saint-Pierre

L’Arche houses the Archives Department and the Museum of the Territorial Collectivité of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. Numerous attractions are available all year long (exhibitions, events, workshops, shows, conferences, etc.).

• The Île aux Marins and its Archipelitude Museum in Saint-Pierre

From Saint-Pierre, this museum houses a part of the collections of the Heritage Preservation Association of the Archipelago: old objects illustrating the customs of life and traditional know-how, in a historical setting.

• The Grand Barachois lagoon on Miquelon

As languid as lagoon, this is an easy walk among the dunes to the wildlife observatory. Throughout the course, you will learn all about the local flora and fauna—it’s a very unusual trek, with many shore birds and seals waiting for you!

• The Cap de Miquelon nature reserve

The lovers of bucolic walks will love this path; it is also one of the busiest of the Archipelago, both by visitors and locals who come regularly to relax.

• The La Cormorandière valley in Miquelon

The valley of Cormorandière never leaves visitors indifferent. On the way, discover the breathtaking views, and the fauna and flora, a natural heritage that is the wealth of the archipelago! The most beautiful of the valleys in the world, so they say…

• The Cap au Diable on Saint-Pierre

This eco-walk begins at the parking lot of the Frecker Pond. The path from Cap au Diable leads to Pond of Cap au Diable. The return skirts by the Anse à Dinan or the Telegraph Pond to return to the Etang Thélot parking lot.

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