What to do in the Wallis and Futuna islands?

• The Talietumu and Tonga Toto sites

To learn more about the history of Wallis and Futuna, head to the Talietumu site, located just 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) from the capital Mata Utu. You can visit a beautiful fortress of the 15th century, built at the time of the Tongan domination. Tonga Toto is also worth visiting, home to the remains of another fortress of the same period overlooking the sea.

• Mount Lulu Fakahega

This hill of 145 meters (476 feet) is the highest point of Wallis, dotted with lakes and craters. A small chapel is lies at the top of Mount Lulu Fakahega and on a clear day you can enjoy beautiful panoramas rolling down to the sea.

• Mount Puke

Surrounded on the west by the Kafua and Kolofutafuta mountains, Mount Puke is the highest peak on the island of Futuna, with an altitude of 522 meters (1712 feet). Mount Puke is considered the refuge of the goddess Finelasi, the protector of the island of Futuna.

• The coastal road of Wallis

This circuit of about 35 kilometers (21.7 miles) wanders to the crater lake Lalolalo, surrounded by impressive cliffs, as well as Vailala, a fishing village on the northern tip of the island.

• Alofi Island

Swimming enthusiasts can go by boat to Alofi Island, 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) south of Futuna, departing from Sigave. The place is idyllic—the island is uninhabited and the beach is simply beautiful.

• The Futuna Coastal Route

There’s no beach along the coastal road of Futuna—it hangs along a vertiginous rocky coastline for 33 kilometers (20 miles), but once at Pyramid, the panorama merits the journey. On the way, stop at the village of Vaisei which has preserved its fale fono (traditional huts), where residents gather for the kava ceremony.

• Saint Joseph’s Church

Mala’efo’ou is a village in Wallis and Futuna, capital of Mu’a District, on Wallis Island. Its population is only 175—but the place is famous for its church, dating from 1859, that marked the beginnings of Christian evangelization in the island.

• The sanctuary of St. Peter Chanel in Poi

Killed by King Niuliki, the missionary Pierre Chanel was canonized in 1954 and named patron saint of Oceania. A sanctuary is built in his honor in Futuna (that the island’s population is now entirely Catholic).

• Mata Utu Cathedral

Mata Utu is a village in Wallis with a Roman Catholic cathedral built face to the sea. It is the headquarters of the Diocese of Wallis and Futuna.

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