SiriusXM Launches New Freakonomics Radio Network Streaming Channel

For over a decade, Freakonomics Radio has delivered storytelling and report that is both rigorous and entertaining. Hosted by Stephen J. Dubner, the show takes a curious-minded, data-driven approach to exploring real-world behavior and uncovering “ the hidden side of everything. ” Entering its twelfth class as one of the biggest podcasts on the satellite, Freakonomics Radio is immediately growing faster than it ever has earlier, setting a listenership record in 2021 .
SiriusXM ‘s Freakonomics Radio Network groove is the only place where listeners can tune in 24/7 to hear not lone the latest episodes of Freakonomics Radio, but besides a excerpt of provocative classics from the prove ‘s 500-episode archive, like “ Abortion and Crime, Revisited, ” “ The Economics of Sleep, ” and “ The Stupidest Thing You Can Do with Your Money. ” “ The SiriusXM hearing is amazingly big and diverse, ” said Stephen Dubner, “ and we ca n’t wait to get our stuff in their ears. ” “ It ‘s exciting to be able to take a show as innovative and successful as Freakonomics Radio and give listeners, new and previous, an wholly singular way to experience it, ” said Scott Greenstein, SiriusXM’s President and Chief Content Officer. “ We ca n’t think of a better spouse to launch this first-of-its-kind stream channel with than Stephen and his team. ”

In addition to its flagship show, the Freakonomics Radio Network produces some of the most listened-to podcasts — for a compound reach of over 160 million listeners end class. They include No Stupid Questions, where Dubner and co-host psychologist Angela Duckworth explore the wyrd and fantastic ways in which humans behave ; People I (Mostly) Admire, in which the irregular economist Steven Levitt speaks with other high achievers to ask questions that only he would think to ask ; and Freakonomics, M.D., hosted by Bapu Jena, an economist and doctor who explores the intersection of economics and healthcare. The Freakonomics Radio Network channel is merely the latest exercise of SiriusXM ‘s commitment to providing multiple platforms for sound recording creators. recently, the hosts of the award-winning repugnance drollery podcast Last Podcast on the Left launched Open Lines, a bouncy weekly call-in read on SiriusXM ‘s Faction Talk ( channel 103 ) after bringing their podcast back to wide distribution through Stitcher ; and the popular advice adept, host, and digital creator Tinx launched the It’s Me, Tinx Live radio usher on SiriusXM Stars ( channel 109 ) following the launching of her chart-topping Stitcher podcast It’s Me, Tinx. Streaming access is included with all of SiriusXM ‘s trials and most popular plans. Subscribers can listen with the SXM app, and with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or however they stream at home. Go to to learn more. Freakonomics Radio Network podcasts will continue to be available on Stitcher, the SXM App, Pandora, and all major podcast heed platforms. About Freakonomics Radio Network The Freakonomics Radio Network produces Freakonomics Radio, No Stupid Questions, People I (Mostly) Admire, and Freakonomics M.D.. Freakonomics Radio is one of the most prevail and democratic podcasts in the global, with over 10 million listeners per month and an archive going back 12-plus years. No Stupid Questions launched in May of 2020, People I (Mostly) Admire launched in August of 2020, and Freakonomics M.D. launched in August of 2021. In sum in 2021, podcasts from the Freakonomics Radio Network had over 160 million downloads. Freakonomics Radio Network will announce extra podcasts in 2022.

About Stitcher Stitcher, a subordinate of SiriusXM, is the best rate to listen to, produce and monetize podcasts. The Stitcher app is one of the populace ‘s most popular podcast listen platforms, with a growing network of original contented and a premium subscription service. Stitcher is home to Stitcher Originals, Black life style and culture network More Sauce, top-ranked comedy podcast network Earwolf, and award-winning documentary network Witness Docs. About SiriusXM Sirius XM Holdings Inc. ( NASDAQ : SIRI ) is the leading audio entertainment company in North America, and the premier programmer and platform for subscription and digital advertising-supported sound recording products. SiriusXM ‘s platforms jointly reach approximately 150 million listeners, the largest digital audio audience across paid and free tiers in North America, and deliver music, sports, spill, newsworthiness, drollery, entertainment and podcasts. Pandora, a subsidiary company of SiriusXM, is the largest ad-supported audio entertainment streaming service in the U.S. SiriusXM ‘s subsidiaries Stitcher, Simplecast and AdsWizz make it a leader in podcast host, production, distribution, analytics and monetization. The Company ‘s ad sales weapon, SXM Media, leverages its scale, cross-platform sales administration, and ad technical school capabilities to deliver results for sound recording creators and advertisers. SiriusXM, through Sirius XM Canada Holdings, Inc., besides offers satellite radio and sound recording entertainment in Canada. In accession to its audio entertainment businesses, SiriusXM offers connected fomite services to automakers. For more about SiriusXM, please go to : Media contacts Ron Gaskill
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